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Moarref Group established in 1983.
Since more than 25 years we are dealing with the development , design and production of SAFARI & ESAF products .
Any one of our products distinguishes itself by quality , accuracy , sustainability and consistent value . We develop our machines ourselves to a large extent . Beside our production plants we have our articles solely produced by manufacturers who are able to fulfil our high quality requirements . Our knowledge serves to constantly advance and improve our products .
Since 1993 ESAF produces a large part of its metal working machines in its own factory in Taichung in Taiwan . There the quality is controlled by German quality management representatives on-site . Another large part of the ESAF metal working machinery is manufactured exclusively or in accordance with specific requirements for ESAF .

ESAF & SAFARI machines can be purchased form your competent specialized dealers on site . An area wide net work of specialized dealers and sales partners who are supported by the employees of SAFARI & ESAF are at your disposal to help you with words and deeds .

Has more than 10 office in The world and more than 40 agents in the world.

Dr. Einollah Safari